Positive Economic Impact
At TD Bank, we are committed to making a difference where our customers and employees live and work. We believe that organizations, such as the Rochester Opera House, play a significant role in sustaining vibrant and thriving communities
. The Rochester Opera House brings a positive economic impact to downtown Rochester, while enriching the community with an impressive schedule of educational programming for families and children.
~ Gary Barr
Senior Vice President
TD Bank

Giving Philosophy
The Liberty Foundation takes time to ensure that those charities to which we give align with Liberty's core mission and 'Giving' philosophy. Liberty Mutual recognizes the positive impact that the Rochester Opera House is having on our region, providing cultural and educational events that are affordable and fun, invigorating our social well-being and boosting the economic health of our city. We all need to continue to get funding that is so essential to sustain operations and to do all we can to Secure the Future of the Rochester Opera House.
~ John McKenna
VP IT Strategy and Planning
Liberty Mutual

Preserve Our Cultural Heritage
The families that benefit from the cultural arts at the Opera House are our friends, our colleagues and our customers. By offering our support to an organization, so unique and so vital to the vibrancy of Rochester and the region, we are also investing in the preservation of the cultural heritage of Rochester for future generations.
~ Chuck Clement
Eastern Propane & Oil

Yes! Yes! Yes!
The Rochester Opera House, with its historic architecture and its storied past, keeps creative spirit alive in this community and the community is spiritually richer for it. It offers us the opportunity to come together and laugh for a bit, to cry for a bit and to celebrate the uniquely human ability to create. 
My husband Bruce and I recently went out to dinner before a performance. I looked around as we ate and saw many of the same faces that I later saw at the performance. As we left we could see that downtown Rochester was vibrant.
You might ask, 'Is contributing to the Rochester Opera House a good choice for my charitable dollars?' My answer to you is a resounding...Yes! Yes! Yes!
~ Former Senator Jackie Cilley


Support the historic Rochester Opera House!

Thank you to all...volunteers, sponsors, patrons and friends...who help us fulfill our mission to present Arts for All and to preserve our historic theatre.  

As a not-for-profit organization, the Rochester Opera House remains dependent on private donors like you.  Please join our team and consider the following ways that you can help to ensure the cultural, historic, economic and educational legacy of this irreplaceable theatre.

Ways to support ROH:

Make a General Donation to the Rochester Opera House

Become a Friend of the Rochester Opera House (visit our member page here)

Sponsor a Show, a Series, or the Season

Purchase a Playbill Ad

Key Asset for Rochester's Future 

The Rochester Opera House is truly a gem for the Seacoast region and the State of New Hampshire. It is one of the more impressive municipal theaters to survive in the 21st century and its careful restoration has brought detail and grandeur that is not only historically authentic but a compelling interior finish that brings the idea of theater as an "event" to modern audiences in a space that is both majestic and intimate. The fact that the majority of this quality work was accomplished through volunteers makes the restoration an impressive statement for this project and for the people of Rochester today. This work to restore the details of the past is a key asset for Rochester's future. Throughout New Hampshire, New England, and the United States, arts and culture institutions like the Opera House are the foundation stones that help build up and maintain healthy downtowns and are more often then not economic assets to the community.

~ Peter Michaud, New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources

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